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Sponsored by the Deerfield Valley Community Partnership

The Pride Group came into existence in 2006 through the Deerfield Valley Community Partnership. The program is designed to empower youth to get actively involved in drug and alcohol prevention. Pride members work on getting the message out to their peers and the community about the hazards of alcohol, tobacco and drug use. DVCP would like all youth to make healthy decisions in all aspects of their lives. It is our belief that the Pride Group is our best opportunity to combat these issues.

The goals of the Pride Program are as follows:

  • To increase students sense-of self and importance of making healthy choices in all aspects of their lives.
  • To increase community outreach and involvement by inspiring youth-led community prevention activities.

Some of the activities that Pride is involved in:

  • Seat Belt Safety Check
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness Activities
  • Second Hand Smoke Campaigns
  • Wellness Activities
  • Tie One On
  • Red Ribbon Tree
  • Presenting at conferences
  • Attending National Conferences

How youth can become part of the Pride Group:
The Pride Group will consist of a maximum of twelve members. Interested students may complete a Pride Application for membership. Members will be chosen by the present Pride Members and advisors. Criteria for selection will include:

  • Strong commitment to being drug and alcohol free
  • Interest in getting the prevention message out to peers, parents and community members
  • Ability to be a team player
  • Confidence to speak in front of a group
  • Enthusiastic about being part of the Pride Group
  • Passing grades in all classses
  • Willingness to be involved with the Deerfield Valley Community Partnership

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Over the Years-Conference Photos:

Y-Y2018-2 Pride Photo.jpg

Youth to Youth Conference 2018


Pride 2017 Photo new.JPG

Group Photo 2017


Pride at Statehouse 2016 Photo new.jpg

State House Visit 2016


Youth to Youth Pride 2015.jpg

Youth to Youth Conference 2015


2014 Youth to Youth pride.jpg

Youth to Youth Conference 2014


Pride Conference 2013
South Bend, Indiana

Gregory Edwards, Nick Nilsen, Justin Hicks, MIranda Post.
Jacob Hicks, Maddie Howe, Christiana Strysko



Pride Conference 2012
Toledo, Ohio

Back Row: Hannah Swanson, Connor Hunt, Hank Sweeney,
Cade Nesbitt, Jacob Hicks.  Front Row: Christiana Strysko, Christine Reilly,
Miranda Post, Maddie Howe



Pride Conference 2011
Toledo, Ohio

Back Row: Hannha Swanson, Dylan Brage, Beau Doucette.
Front Row:  Abigail Blake, Shannon Lozito, Colin Lozito, Cade Nesbitt



Pride Conference 2010
Louisville, Kentucky

Back Row:  Andrew Palumbo, Jared Cipriano, Scott Hayford, Dylan Brage, Connor Hunt
Front Row: Desiree Mack, Shannon Lozito, Devon Spirka, Abigail Blake



Pride Conference 2009
Louisville, Kentucky

Back Row: Connor Hunt, Jared Cipriano, Scott Hayford, Andrew Palumbo, Bob Edwards
Front Row: Marissa Edwards, Devon Spirka, Shannon Lozito, Brittany Roemmelt, Desi Mack


SADD Conference 2008
Phoenix, Arizona

Back Row:  Bob Edwards, Andrew Palumbo, Scott Hayford, Cindy Hayford, Jared Cipriano
Front Row: Marissa Edwards, Devon Spirka, Stephanie Riker, Katlyn Boyd



 Pride Conference 2006
Washington DC

Bob Edwards, Scott Hayford, Jared Cipriano, Stephanie Riker, Marissa Edwards, Devon Spirka
Front: Mike Squindo