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Winter Hike 100

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Need some extra motivation to get outside this winter?

Wings Community Programs and DVCP are reprising the popular Hike 100 group from this summer! Thanks to a grant from AARP, we've also collaborated on making Winterplace downtown on the playing fields behind the Old School. All winter, it will be a place you can walk laps or do other activities to get 'miles!" (Of course there are miles and miles of other trails all around our area that you can explore, even in winter!) Every Thursday night there will be lights on Hayford field, so if you want to walk some laps or go play after dark, you can! Check it out, the lights will be on until 7:30pm if you want to spend some time outside while you while away the time until midnight.

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Highlights from the Summer Hike 100 Challenge


“Move More!” 

This summer we did just that! Over 200 people registered for our Wings/DVCP Hike 100 Challenge where folks of all ages were encouraged to Hike 100 miles over the course of the summer. As a community we literally hiked thousands of miles, and got better acquainted with the natural resources we have so close to home.  Although the challenge is over, the Hike 100 Deerfield Valley Facebook group will stay active. This is a great resource to find out about local hikes and day trips to keep us all moving throughout the fall! We are looking forward to a new challenge for Winter 2021, so stay tuned!




The Maples

Hike in from the Primitive Trail in Wilmington and look for the yellow & blue mailbox hanging in the woods.  Just beyond you will see them.  The shortest route is from the trailhead at the bottom of Whites Road, it’s only about a mile, but pretty steep.  They can also be reached by walking in from West Lake, but that is a longer trip.  Bring a letter with your questions or pen and paper to leave a note once you’ve had a chance to meet them.  If you include a return address, they will probably write you back! The mailbox accepts letters all year round. 






















Map of Route to The Maples: